Oral Cancer

The incidence of oral cancer in Australia is 3-5% of all malignancies, but survival rates are very poor at 50% or less. Sixty percent of oral cancers occur on the tongue and floor of the mouth, and the 5-year survival rates in these locations are around 35%. The best way to protect yourself and your patients against oral cancer is by regular oral check-ups. This should be done at least every 12 months, especially if you are at higher risk of acquiring cancer. People at higher risk include those who smoke and consume alcohol on a regular basis.

Many tissue changes result in colour alterations; the most common and significant colour changes are white and red patches. The critical decision is whether there is potential for progression to malignancy or whether it is already malignant.

Suspicious white lesions that are pre cancerous.

Squamous cell carcinoma (oral cancer) on lower lip and lateral tongue.

  2005 Oral Medicine and Pathology