Oral candidosis (thrush) is a common clinical problem seen in various groups of patients. Oral thrush can appear as the typical white plaques, but this is not the only clinical presentation. More commonly, denture stomatitis is seen in patients wearing either partial or complete dentures. Angular cheilitis, redness and cracking at the corners of the mouth, is also common in these patients. In the case of oral candidosis, there is generally either a local or systemic factor that predisposes the patient to this disease. Candidosis is aptly called the disease of the diseased whether this represents a local disturbance or a systemic condition.
An important point to note is that the presence of oral thrush merely signals the presence of a predisposing factor, which in itself should be identified and treated.

Oral thrush/psuedomembranous candidosis in patient using asthma puffer incorrectly.
Denture stomatitis/chronic atrophic candidosis under partial acrylic denture.
Angular cheilitis in an elderly male.

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