Cryotherapy is the deliberate destruction of tissue by application of extreme cold. It is well received by patients due to a relative lack of discomfort, the absence of bleeding, and minimal scarring after healing. It is painless under local anaesthetic and a short procedure compared with formal surgical management of a lesion.

Cryosurgery has many applications in oral medicine and clinical oral pathology, and is extremely useful in patients for whom surgery is contraindicated due to age, medical history, or the nature of the lesion itself. Some of the more common conditions treated with cryotherapy include mucoceles, haemangiomas and focal neurosensory disorders.

1. 2. Mucocele on lower lip of 4 year old girl before (1) and after (2) cryotherapy.

3. 4. Haemangioma on tongue of 65 year old female before (3) and after (4) cryotherapy.

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